• Episode 43: The Fools of April

    Episode 43: The Fools of April

    If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything…right?  Well today I tell the tale of when I duped a pretty stand up person.

    And don’t forget to tune into Pride 48 on Sunday September 16th at 6am PST for a one-hour LIVE episode of What Some Would Call Lies!

  • I got the title of this blog from a Joan Didion short story called “On Keeping a Notebook.” [pdf version available here]

    In the short story Didion writes about how she sometimes has trouble remembering what really happened and what could have happened.  And I sometimes struggle with this same distinction.  Didion wrote:

    I tell what some would call lies. “That’s simply not true,” the members of my family frequently tell me when they come up against my memory of a shared event. “The party was not for you, the spider was not a black widow, it wasn’t
    that way at all.” Very likely they are right, for not only have I always had trouble distinguishing between what happened and what merely might have happened, but I remain unconvinced that the distinction, for my purposes, matters. The cracked crab that I recall having for lunch the day my father came home from Detroit in 1945 must certainly be embroidery, worked into the day’s pattern to lend verisimilitude; I was ten years old and would not now remember the cracked crab. The day’s events did not turn on cracked crab. And yet it is precisely that fictitious crab that makes me see the afternoon all over again, a home movie run all too often, the father bearing gifts, the child weeping, an exercise in family love and guilt. Or that is what it was to me. Similarly, perhaps it never did snow that August in Vermont; perhaps there never were flurries in the night wind, and maybe no one else felt the ground hardening and summer already dead even as we pretended to bask in it, but that was how it felt to me, and it might as well have snowed, could have snowed, did snow.

    So this blog will serve as a place for me to tell my stories (sometimes peppered with a few embellishments).  This blog serves the same purpose as Didion’s notebooks.

  • GoDaddy.com sucks.  Seriously sucks.

    I’ve been a customer there for about four years, and I’ve hosted many sites with them…including this one.  Last weekend when people clicked onto this site they were redirected to a wordpress install page.


    So after talking to GoDaddy tech support (which took a few days to get a hold of them, and I sat on hold for over 45 minutes), I was told to basically go deal with the issues on my own.

    Very unhelpful.

    If anyone is looking for a company to purchase web hosting from, I wouldn’t pick GoDaddy.  I’ve never had problems in the past, but now my entire blog is wipped out.  EVERYTHING.  Gone.

    I’m going to take a few days off, and I’ll be blogging again next week.