• Episode 59: Solitude…Round Trip

    Episode 59: Solitude…Round Trip

    Paging passenger by the last name Lawson.  Please return to security for a lost item.  Passenger Lawson, to security.  You seem to have lost the ability to be intimate.

    The music I used in today’s episode is from The Postal Service and it’s called Great Heights.  Want to add it to your music library? Download it here for just $.99.
    If you like What Some Would Call Lies, might I suggest you give one of my favorite podcasts a try.  This week I suggest you try Flip The Table.  Most board game shows focus on the latest-and-greatest or time-tested classics.  The Flip The Table crew have taken it upon themselves to comb their local charity shops and salvage stores for the other stuff.  They review cheesy, weird, and obscure board games for your entertainment.  And it’s a lot of fun.  Check them out at http://tableflipsyou.blogspot.com/, or find the link on What Some Would Call Lies sidebar, or search in iTunes.