• jeep

    I was driving an ugly turquoise Jeep Cherokee for a while back in 2006/2007.  It was a really ugly car, but sturdy and got me where I needed to go.

    After driving her around for over a year, I started having mechanical problems (one that I had famously fixed with duct tape).  I replaced a few hoses, my brakes started squeaking.  And then one night after slamming the driver’s side door, it never opened again.  I literally had to climb over and exit through the passenger’s side door.

    One afternoon it was really hot and I was sweating (because of course this car didn’t have air conditioning), and I climbed out of the jeep and slammed the passanger’s side door and the front tail light fell out.  It was like something out of a cartoon.

    During this time my roommate Cindy bought a new car, and I ended up purchasing her old car from her.  So I put the Jeep on Craigslist. Overnight I received 178 responses.  When I woke up in the morning I didn’t know what to do, so I just ignored all of them and went into the office.  “I can work that out later,” I thought to myself.

    During my lunch break I stopped at a 7-11 convenience store (do they have those where you live?) to buy a soda, and then I was going to go home to eat.  When I was jumping over into the passenger’s seat, a man standing outside of the Auto Zone store (do they have those where you live?) made a comment about the door.

    “I could fix that door really cheap,” he said.

    “I”m not putting a penny into this piece of junk,” I told him.  “I’m trying to sell it.”

    “How much?”

    To make this short story shorter, I won’t go into all of it…but the dude ended up test-driving and then buying the stupid Jeep right there on the spot.  On my lunch break.  And then I went back to the office and deleted all of the 178 emails from Craigslist.