• Episode 120: This Sort Of Thing

    Episode 120: This Sort Of Thing

    There’s this geosocial app for smartphones that is geared towards gay men to have quick encounters with people in their vicinity and promises to deliver a hit-it-then-quit-it scenario…like something that can be wiped away with a dirty towel from the hamper and forgotten forever. But sometimes it’s not so easy to get rid of.

  • Episode 114: My Favorite

    Episode 114: My Favorite

    Favoritism is bad. It makes the “un-favorites” feel like they are unimportant or lesser. But when you are the favorite it feels fucking good.

  • Episode 107: Our Circle Of Life

    Episode 107: Our Circle Of Life

    Haaaaaasabeeeeenya! It’s a circle of gay life. And it moves us all.

  • Episode 68: More Drinks With Jam And Bread

    Episode 68: More Drinks With Jam And Bread

    This past weekend, while sitting in a dark theater watching a staging of one of my favorite musicals, I remembered writing episode 16 of What Some Would Call Lies. When I went back to listen, I realized that I published that episode almost exactly one year ago. I called that episode A Drink With Jam And Bread.

    And I decided that instead of writing a story and recording this week, I’m going to play a re-run of that episode since it is certainly one of my favorites.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    If you’re looking for some FRESH Mike Lawson, check out my other show…Catching Up.

  • Episode 39: The Phantom

    Episode 39: The Phantom

    A fictitious creature in my life is often spoken about but rarely seen.  Today The Phantom in my life is revealed.

  • Episode 34: The Bully

    Episode 34: The Bully

    Many of us have our stories of being bullied when we were younger, and these bullies have made lasting impacts on our lives. Today I’ll share with you my bully story.

  • This week’s podcast has my very first interview. I called this episode A Drink With Jam And Bread.

    We all have role models that we can credit for helping us develop into the people we have become.  Sometimes it’s your family.  Sometimes it’s a teacher.  And sometimes it’s a Captain and his seven children.

    Listen and let me know what you think!