• Episode 125: Test Prep

    Episode 125: Test Prep

    I’ve got this friend Joe. He’s a few years older than me. And he’s gay.

  • Episode 66: Still I Rise

    Episode 66: Still I Rise

    Out of the huts of history’s shame, comes a little joke that mocks a poet laureate.

    So…..I do a new podcast every week with Joe from this story.  It’s called Catching Up and the gist is this: Joe and Mike have been friends for over a decade.  Mike lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Joe lives in Los Angeles.  Each week we call one another and…catch up.  It’s unscripted, fun and sometimes a little raunchy.  Check it out at CUPodcast.com.  Or find it in iTunes.

    If you liked the music I used in the episode this week, go download it.  The song was Live While We’re Young by One Direction. You can download it here.