• Episode 133: Cathy

    Episode 133: Cathy

    Parents are defined as the people the beget or bring forth offspring. Cathy never beget me…but I’d still say she was like a mom.

  • Episode 124: A.K.A.

    Episode 124: A.K.A.

    Don’t act like you know how to spell your name and I’m the idiot. This is probably a really common problem.


  • Episode 114: My Favorite

    Episode 114: My Favorite

    Favoritism is bad. It makes the “un-favorites” feel like they are unimportant or lesser. But when you are the favorite it feels fucking good.

  • Episode 113: Do You Want Kids?

    Episode 113: Do You Want Kids?

    The question is as common as “What Do You Do?” “Are you from around here?” or “Who Would You Rather…”

    Today I take on a question that I get asked too frequently and infrequently answer directly.

  • Episode 86: Remember This One?

    Episode 86: Remember This One?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’ve been traveling this past week, and I’ll be traveling home to my parent’s house next week.  So I’m doing a re-run today.  This is one of my favorite episodes from March 2012.  Since Thanksgiving is often a time when families share stories, I thought this one was appropriate for right now.  Enjoy!

    Remember - Memory is the ability of the mind to store and recall past thoughts or knowledge…does that include overstatements, embellishments and embroidery?

  • Episode 76: Family Style

    Episode 76: Family Style

    Every restaurant has it’s own style.  Sometimes you fit right in.  Other times you don’t.

    Every family has it’s own style.  And you have no choice.

    If you liked the music I used in the episode this week, go download it here.

  • Since I last saw mom I’ve gained a little weight…like 20 pounds.  And when I walked in, my mom hugged me and told me that I looked good.  “I like when you have a few extra pounds like this,” she said.

    And I was like…

  • Episode 57: Four Stories From A Cemetery

    Episode 57: Four Stories From A Cemetery

    Today I’ll be telling you four stories that all have a common setting – a cemetery.  It’s going to be a real mood lifter!

    If you liked the music I used in the episode this week, go download it.  The song was Home by Phillip Phillips.  download it on Amazon for only $.99.

    If you like What Some Would Call Lies…might I suggest you give one of my favorite podcasts a try?  This week I suggest you try out The Memory Palace.  From award-winning public radio producer, Nate DiMeo.  Short, surprising stories of the past.  Sometimes heart breaking, sometimes hysterical, always super-great.  For history buffs, fans of public radio and for admirers of things that are super-great go to thememorypalace.us or search The Memory Palace in iTunes.

  • Episode 46: The Origin Story

    Episode 46: The Origin Story


    We all have a variety of hangups.  Some of them are innate fears or anxieties that we can’t trace back to a particular traumatic moment…and other’s we can blame on mom.

    I wish that I had more time to write and record this week.  I’m super busy, so I made sure to sit down and write SOMETHING.  What you get is a quickie.  :)  Enjoy!

  • Check it out! Episode 21: Melody, rhythm and sentimental value

    Today I’ll tell you the much needed explanation of why I never became a professional singer.