• Episode 75: The Answers

    Episode 75: The Answers

    I posted the answers to the TV Theme Song quiz last week.  On episode 75 I also give you everyone’s score and let you know which answers everyone got right and which ones were really difficult.


  • Episode 73: Nostalgia

    Episode 73: Nostalgia

    This is a little different from the normal What Some Would Call Lies episode.  This week I’m playing music and giving you a quiz.  Break out your paper and pencil.  And no cheating!

  • Episode 71: The Anatomy Of A Failed Relationship…again.

    Episode 71: The Anatomy Of A Failed Relationship…again.

    I’ve got some stuff going on and I’ve spent all of my free time this week working on the Catching Up show that I do with my friend Joe.  If you haven’t listened to it, give it a try.

    So this week I’m running another rerun.  It’s in my top five favorite WSWCL episodes.  It’s reaching way back into the archive, so hopefully it’s new to you or you don’t remember it much.

  • Episode 37: The Castaway

    Episode 37: The Castaway

    Imagination, and life lessons.  Warm weather and playing till the street lights turn on.  Summertime and the living is easy.

  • Episode 28: Preconceived Notions

    Check out Episode 28 of the What Some Would Call Lies Podcast.  This week I tell a story about some preconceived notions.

    We like to party. We like. We like to party.


  • Check it out! Episode 21: Melody, rhythm and sentimental value

    Today I’ll tell you the much needed explanation of why I never became a professional singer.

  • Got ten minutes?  Listen to Episode 18: So Why Don’t You Kill Me?

    Oh the things we’ll do just to fit in.  Things like getting crazy with the cheese wiz, spray painting the vegetables and shaving your face with mace in the dark.  Sprechen sie Deutches, baby.  You’re probably thinking “what the hell is this loser talking about?”  Well, let me explain.


  • Episode 9: Biopic

    I think that Paul Walker should play me.

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