• Episode 80: My Beard

    Episode 80: My Beard

    You know that moment on a television sitcom when you haven’t seen a character in quite a while and he returns with a beard and a story?  Well, this is kind of like that.  “Mike enters the coffee shop and drops his heavy duffle bag.  He has a beard.  After a long exhale he says, ‘You will never believe where I’ve been.’”

    Remember me?

    This week I attempt to explain where I’ve been the past four months.  Thanks for coming back.

  • Episode 51: Completion

    Episode 51: Completion

    You know, it’s nothing new.  Bad news never had good timing.

    Did you like the song I used in this episode? It was John Mayers Heart of Life. Download the song for only $1.29 on Amazon.

    If you like What Some Would Call Lies…might I suggest you give one of my favorite podcasts a try?  This week I suggest you try The Game Night Guys.  Each episode Brian and Curtis take on the challenge of learning and playing a new party game.  They play everything from the classic and traditional to the randomly obscure.  They take a light-hearted approach to competition where laugher is always the object of the game.  Find them in iTunes or GameNightGuys.com

  • Episode 34: The Bully

    Episode 34: The Bully

    Many of us have our stories of being bullied when we were younger, and these bullies have made lasting impacts on our lives. Today I’ll share with you my bully story.

  • Episode 33: Red Lights, Pomade and Niceties

    Episode 33: Red Lights, Pomade and Niceties

    Episode 33 is ready for your ears. Give it a listen.

    Sometimes it takes just five seconds to change the day of a stranger. Today I’ll prove it.

  • Episode 32: Shirley You’ll Want To Hear This One

    Episode 32: Shirley You’ll Want To Hear This One

    One thing that I’ve never had trouble with was coming up with something to say. This gift for gab came rather early for me.

    Episode 32 is about a little four-year old me that can’t stop talking (and dancing).