• Episode 64: Your Love Is My Drug

    Episode 64: Your Love Is My Drug

    I got a Venti-sized mistake at the bar for Michael.

    If you liked the music I used in the episode this week, go download it. The song was Just Like Henry by Dressy Bessy and can be downloaded here.

    If you like What Some Would Call Lies…I’d like to suggest a very new and very special podcast. I just started a brand new show with my friend Joey. It’s called “Catching Up.” Joe and I have been friends for over a decade and we call one another every week and just…catch up. It’s an unscripted, fun little show…you can find it at CUPodcast.com.

  • It’s Tuesday, y’all! So here is Episode 10 of the What Some Would Call Lies podcast.

    If you think I’m sexy and you want my body, baby write an anonymous note on an internet message board explaining your attraction to me.