• Episode 110: #ScreenSabbatical

    Episode 110: #ScreenSabbatical

    We all have our addictions. Some are worse than others. Today I look one straight in the eyes and decide to do something about it.

  • Episode 35: Screensaver

    Episode 35: Screensaver

    Cover art for Episode 35: Screensaver; black lab what some would call lies podcastWhat the what?! Two episodes in one week!!  I know.

    Don’t get used to it.  I decided to tell this story a little early because I’m testing out some stuff on the website.  Enjoy!!

    Episode 35: Screensaver

    They’re supposed to help prevent the damage that may occur when the same areas of light and dark are displayed too long.  Today, however, I’ll tell the tale of when a screensaver did little saving and plenty of embarrassing.


  • I just recorded Episode 14: Instructing An Aged Canine How To Perform Modern Tasks

    This week I help a slightly older friend learn how to use a computer.  And a slightly younger friend proves that it isn’t as easy as it looks.

    Listen and tell me what you think!