• Episode 55: Night Swimming

    Episode 55: Night Swimming

    It’s not like years ago, the fear of getting caught, of recklessness and water.

    If you like What Some Would Call Lies…might I suggest you give one of my favorite podcasts a try?  This week I suggest you try Cocktails and Cream Puffs.  Cocktails and Cream Puffs is a gay, comedy, pop-culture show hosted by Joey, Marc and the adorable Matt Crehan Higgins.  Check them out and listen as they discuss the intimate and insane adventures of their own lives, give the reach around to your most favored and hated celebs, and discuss the news as only they can. Find them at CocktailsAndCreamPuffs.com or search iTunes.

    If you liked the music I used in the episode this week, go download it. The song was Nightswimming by REM. Click the link to donwload a copy of the song.

  • Episode 38: Dirty Summer

    Episode 38: Dirty Summer

    If you plant peaches you will get peaches.  Karma works this way.

  • The smell of barbeque sauce always reminds me of that moment when I learned some of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned.

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