• Episode 64: Your Love Is My Drug

    Episode 64: Your Love Is My Drug

    I got a Venti-sized mistake at the bar for Michael.

    If you liked the music I used in the episode this week, go download it. The song was Just Like Henry by Dressy Bessy and can be downloaded here.

    If you like What Some Would Call Lies…I’d like to suggest a very new and very special podcast. I just started a brand new show with my friend Joey. It’s called “Catching Up.” Joe and I have been friends for over a decade and we call one another every week and just…catch up. It’s an unscripted, fun little show…you can find it at CUPodcast.com.

  • Episode 51: Completion

    Episode 51: Completion

    You know, it’s nothing new.  Bad news never had good timing.

    Did you like the song I used in this episode? It was John Mayers Heart of Life. Download the song for only $1.29 on Amazon.

    If you like What Some Would Call Lies…might I suggest you give one of my favorite podcasts a try?  This week I suggest you try The Game Night Guys.  Each episode Brian and Curtis take on the challenge of learning and playing a new party game.  They play everything from the classic and traditional to the randomly obscure.  They take a light-hearted approach to competition where laugher is always the object of the game.  Find them in iTunes or GameNightGuys.com

  • Episode 48: Through The Looking Glass

    Episode 48: Through The Looking Glass

    Today I have a story to tell that is kind of peculiar and hard to understand.  It plays with logic and you might think is not grounded in reality…but it is!

    This is a “continuation” or conclusion to the story I told last week… Episode 47: The Autumn Wallace Club.

    The song used in this episode is Alice from Avril Lavigne. Download the song for just $.99 on Amazon.

  • It wasn’t exactly a Nobel Prize in Literature…but it was close.  This week I’ll tell you about the time I wrote an award-winning piece of fiction.  Plus, I’ll announce the winner of the What Some Would Call Lies t-shirt giveaway.

  • Episode 9: Biopic

    I think that Paul Walker should play me.

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  • This week on the audio version of What Some Would Call Lies I tell the story of when I was super vulgar and nasty…out of spite.  Plus I give some well-deserved shout-outs.

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