All About The Fitbit (with Diabetes)

From Diabetes Mine
Published On May 10, 2012

I’m fiercely competitive.

I’ve been known to bring incredibly spicy dishes to friendly game nights to distract my opponents.  And in kindergarten I used to complain about my duck to goose ratio.  So when I learned about the Fitbit — a fancy pedometer that tracks your daily activity and syncs it to a website where users can add friends and see one another’s activity – I knew that I had to get one (and have a higher activity rate than my challengers…I mean “friends”).

The Fitbit is a $99 small black plastic clip that looks much like a Bluetooth headset.  The simple design includes just one button that you push to cycle through the OLED display to see the number of steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone in miles, how many calories you’ve burned and your activity level (which is displayed as a flower…the taller the flower, the more active you’ve been).

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